University of Wisconsin–Madison

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the timeline for a Launch Visit?

    The Launch Visit is a 1-day onsite event. For example, we could fly out on a Tuesday, spend Wednesday in meetings, and depart on Thursday morning.  The BRIM Initiative will pay for our visit. We may ask for some lodging suggestions.

  • When does Local Implementer training start?

    Pre-online training starts when we return to give the workshops to the divisions in Group 1. We would like them to observe at least one of the workshops that we give. Not all Local Implementers will attend the same workshop, just 1 or 2 Local Implementers at each one. We also would like to have some time to meet with the Local Implementers after we complete the last workshop. As for the three online sessions, we will be giving the specific dates and times (3 for each session) before we present to the divisions in Group 1.

  • Who will be the IRB of Record?

    The UW-Madison is the main IRB for this study.  It was approved through the Health Sciences Minimal Risk IRB.  Since recruitment of participants and collection of data will occur at each site, we need to get approval from each site’s IRB, in addition to the main IRB at Madison.  So far, all protocols have been submitted through the IRB associated with the Medical School, including the UW-Madison protocol.  However, this COULD be submitted under Social & Behavioral Sciences IRBs.  It all depends on how an institution divides its IRBs.